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We start your new home by creating a tight “building envelope.” This series of systems make up the enclosure of the conditioned space in the home, allowing very little air to leak in or out of the structure. Less air leakage means lower energy bills for you!


Available radiant barrier roof decking in every of its homes to filter out 97% of radiant heat. This keeps your attic up to 30°F cooler in the summer and can reduce energy bills up to 15%. Best yet, this feature does not require any maintenance throughout your home’s lifetime. Higher R-Value in wall and attic insulation is achieved by upgrading the Fiberglass Insulations or applying foam Insulation.


LED lighting is installed throughout the house for interior & exterior. LED light significantly reduces energy usage and heat produced by conventional lighting. We use high efficiency appliances with Energy Star rating where applicable.


Our homes feature highly advanced, double-insulated Low-E3 windows. These energy-efficient windows incorporate a nearly invisible metallic coating that reduces the amount of heat passing through the window by 64% compared to ordinary glass. Thus, cold air stays in during the summer, and out during the winter, reducing your heating/cooling bills.


High SEER-rated equipment, multiple air ducts and return air grilles help stimulate fresh air ventilation, decrease humidity and reduce energy usage. We offer Lennox® HVAC equipment with Higher SEER rating up to 25.0 and furnaces AFUE rating of up to 99. High efficiency Rheem® line of water heaters are offered for traditional tank type with efficiency of up to 0.81 UEF. Rinnai® tankless water heater is offered with efficiency of up to 0.97 UEF.

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